Oxbow Critical Care Aniseed 454g

Oxbow Critical Care Aniseed 454g

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Critical Care for Herbivores is a complete “assisted feeding” formula for herbivores that are not eating due to illness or surgery. Whether an animal’s lack of appetite is a result of illness, post surgical recovery or pain, Oxbow’s Critical Care plays an important nutritional role in the patient’s recovery program.

Forage based fibre is necessary to encourage proper microbial growth in the digestive system of small herbivores. Timothy grass hay, the main component in Critical Care, provides the proper balance of forage based fibre and soluble carbohydrates needed to support the natural microbial population in the digestive system.  For a  rabbit or guinea pig, the product contains all the essential nutrients of a complete diet.

Developed in response to veterinary requests for a forage-based, syringe-feeding formula at the 1999 International Conference on Exotics, Oxbow’s Critical Care is now the product of choice for leading exotic animal practices around the globe. It has been successfully used in numerous species including: rabbits, guinea pigs, herbivorous reptiles, water fowl, wallabies, kangaroos, alpaca, hippopotamus, giant tortoise, wombats, possums and koalas.