The Treat Jar Choline Chips 50g

The Treat Jar Choline Chips 50g

  • $14.99

The egg is one of the most nutritious snacks that you can offer your dog, it includes an important nutrient that dogs and cats may not produce enough of. Low choline levels has been implicated in liver disease, heart disease and neurological disorders like cognitive decline. 

EGGS provide more than double the amount of choline, per 100g than any other food.

Choline Chips are crafted farm duck eggs, hard boiled, sliced and slowly air-dried to retain ALL the amazing nutrients.

 Please note : Choline Chips are incredibly fragile as they have no additives, preservatives or stabilisers, just 100% aussie egg. If they are a little crushed the crumble makes a super nutritious topper for your pets meal.

 Treat Jar snaks are always additive and preservative free :

  • No Steroids

  • Gluten Free

  • No Grains

  • No By Products

  • No Preservatives

  • No Chemicals

  • No Fillers

  • No Dyes

  • No Colours

  • No Flavour Enhancers

  • No Artificial Growth Hormones