EpiOtic SIS Skin and Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

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  • EpiOtic® SIS. Gentle Yet Powerful.

    • A gentle, pH balanced ear cleanser which aids in the removal of wax and reduces odour1,3
    • Kills and inhibits the growth of infectious agents associated with otitis externa1,2
    • Facilitates the delivery of prescribed ear medications1,2
    • Proven microbicidal action against Australian clinical isolates, including MRSP2
  • For ear cleansing or for the management or prevention of otitis externa in dogs.
    • Gentle pH Neutral Micellar Solution: pH balanced, non-irritating formula which helps to remove cellular debris and wax, correct excessive moisture in the ear canal and emulsify wax, aiding its removal. Optimal tolerance, for use in dogs.

    • Antimicrobial action: Kills and inhibits the growth of infectious agents associated with otitis externa. Antimicrobial against bacteria and yeast representing the most common causes of canine otitis externa. Facilitates the delivery of prescribed ear medications.

    • SIS (Skin Innovative Science) Technology: Ingredients that work together to limit microbial adherence to the skin surface, and stimulate the skin’s natural defence mechanisms.

    • Anti-Odour Technology: Neutralises unpleasant smells resulting in a statistically significant decrease in odour. Also has a mild citrus aroma which keeps ears smelling fresh.

  1. A veterinary examination to assess the ears and general health of the dog is recommended before use. EpiOtic SIS can be applied up to twice daily or as directed by a veterinarian. For routine use: aim the tip of the bottle into the ear canal and squeeze to apply solution. Gently massage the ear.