Canine Bone Gold Supplement for Dogs 250g

Canine Bone Gold Supplement for Dogs 250g

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Canine Bone Gold is an unique patent veterinary formulation designed with essential amino acids to support type I, II and III collagen formation in dogs:

  • Supports bone, joint and collagen health
  • Type I, II AND III collagen is crucial in the repair of bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments
  • 90% of the matrix proteins that form the scaffolding for bone mineralisation are collagen
  • Bone mechanical strength properties in scientific studies are directly influenced by the organisation of the collagen matrix
  • Collagen plays a key role in early fracture healing and tissue repair
  • Studies indicate the importance of nitric oxide production during normal fracture healing
  • Convenient powder Binds well in a moistened feed, moistened feed, milk or yoghurt

Directions for use:

1 g scoop included. 1g = 1 level spoon (not heaped).

Feed Rates
  • 5 kg: 0.5g/day – over 16 months supply
  • 10 kg: 1 g/day  – over 8 months supply
  • 10 – 30 kg: 2 g/day – over 4 months supply
  • 31 kg or more: 3 g/day –  over 2 months supply