Carrot Cookies for Rabbits and Guinea pigs

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These cute little carrot cookies are not just tasty but they are also full of beneficial nutrition for your rabbits and guinea pigs.


Carrot: High in Vitamin A, and Vitamin K and Calcium, good for bones.

Papaya: High levels of antioxidants and it is great for their digestive system.

Coriander: Gre source of vitamin and minerals, help with infections and digestion.

Comfrey: A great herbs for rabbits and guinea pigs, support their immune system, help with digestion.

Oat: High in Fibre and it is also good for their tummy.

Handmade with love in Australia. 

Ingredients: Carrot, Papaya, Oat, Coriander and Comfrey

Storage: Please storage it in an air tight container to maintain freshness, keeping and dark and dry place can storage up to 12 months.