Catit Pixi Smart Drinking Fountain 2L

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  • Cute Cat Appearance
  • UV-C technology will clarify your cat’s drinking water for 60 minutes., 3 times a day, UV-C light is a natural, chemical-free tool that prevents cloudy water.
  • Included triple action filter pad purifies tap water in an additional 3 ways by helping to remove odors and impurities, and softening the water by reducing magnesium and calcium levels.
  • With the control using the free Pixi app, you can access any of these fountain features remotely
  • The PIXI Smart Drinking Fountain’s nose-shaped water level window not only makes for a cute nightlight, it will also light up in different ways to indicate the fountain status.
  • A unique spout add-on that creates an arching water stream, so your cat can drink comfortably and ergonomically from the spout
  • The stainless steel top is dishwasher safe and has a second layer made of BPA-free plastic
  • Reservoir capacity: 2L