Mio's Nature Beef Bone Broth Powder 120g

  • $27.99

The Mio's Nature Beef Bone Broth is a low-fat and tasty superfood for all cats and dogs, and it also support their mobility and wellbeing:

  • Increase joint mobility and Bone health
  • Relieve inflammation and joint pain
  • Packed with collagen and amino acids
  • Clear liver toxins
  • made with 100% human food-grade New Zealand beef bones, more than 30 hours slow-cooked and freeze-dried to extract

Feeding Instructions

Mix with food once a day. Do not heat or mix with hot food.

Alternatively, mix the powder with warm water at the ratio of 1 scoop(2g): 100ml, and serve the drink as a treat.


120g - approx 30-120 serves, depending on your pet's weight.