The Paw Grocer Black Label Duck Hearts 72g

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The Paw Grocer Black Label Duck Hearts Treat:

  • Duck hearts are responsibly farmed and sourced in Victoria. 
  • Hearts are a muscle meat which is biologically appropriate for both cats & dogs.
  • Full of vitamins & minerals which are essential for an animal's health & longevity. 
  • Duck is an excellent hypoallergenic protein option for fur babies who suffer from Allergies or sensitive Tummies
  • These treats are freeze dried, which retains the nutritional value of the protein without cooking them.  They remain raw.
  • No preservatives, fillers or other additives and are a lean treat.
  • The Paw Grocer's duck hearts great for training use.  They suit all breeds and ages of dogs and cats, and may be used as a meal topper or in enrichment toys.