Boxing Day Yummy Gift: Oxbow Treats test

Posted by Ashley Lam on

We opened the Christmas gift for our guinea pigs , which has 6 packs of Oxbow Simple Reward Treat. 

The treats have 6 flavours: Peppermint , Timothy , Bell pepper,  Cranberry , Carrot & Dill , Apple & Banana. 

So,  which one is the piggies' favourite? 


Tina's first pick : Timothy

Tina's second pick: Cranberry

Panda's favourite: Cranberry

Yumi's first choice : Timothy

Yumi's second choice: Cranberry

Tilly is happy both Carrot & Dill and Cranberry. 


I think the result is pretty clear:

#1 ranked : Timothy:

#2 ranked: Cranberry

#3 ranked: Carrot & Dill

Have you tried these yummy Oxbow treats with your rabbits and guinea pigs yet? 

Which one is their favourite? 

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